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In year 7 and 8 our students are given an introduction to Secondary Science. Our priority is to make Science as enjoyable as possible while equipping each group with the skills required to be successful in their GCSE work later in their college career.

The KS3 course covers Biology, Chemistry and Physics topics and allows the students to explore each area through theory, investigation, discussion and presentation. The specific year 7 and 8 topics are listed below:

Year 7 Topics

 - Cells, the Building Blocks of Life
 - Eating, Drinking & Breathing
 - Mixing, Dissolving & Separating
 - Elements, Compounds & Reactions
 - Forces & their Effects
 - Energy Transfers & Sound
 - Looking at Plants & Ecosystems
 - Explaining Physical Changes
 - Explaining Chemical Changes

Year 8 Topics

 - Getting the Energy Your Body Needs
 - Exploring Contact & Non-Contact Forces
 - Magnetism & Electricity
 - Variation for Survival
 - Our Health & the Effects of Drugs
 - Obtaining Useful Materials
 - Using our Earth Sustainably
 - Motion on Earth & in Space
 - Waves & Energy Transfer

















Throughout the year the students will be supported with homework and revision via online software ( that can be accessed on any computer and is designed to be accessible and engaging for all abilities.

Finally we offer a Year 7 and 8 Science club for students after school once a week; this is a great opportunity for students to get lots of extra hands on experience in the laboratory.

The entire key stage 3 course is linked to the Collins Key Stage 3 scheme of work and follows the content provided in Student books 1, 2 and 3: