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Sir Harry Smith Community College

  • Why are 'Stars' of today so short?

    Actors were once the mighty giants of the silver screen but now they are much shorter. Now you will struggle to find an actor over five foot ten inches. An example of this is Sean Connery, the former James Bond is six foot two inches however the current James Bond, Daniel Craig is five foot ten inches. Another example is Christopher Reeve, the former Superman who is six foot four inches while Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) is five foot five inches.

    So why is this the case? Stereotypically, the ‘silver screen stars’ were taller because they were seen as more attractive. In today’s world, there is less stereotyping and a lot of different heights and sizes are considered good looking. The views of ordinary people have changed how celebrities have to look to be attractive making them want to see them in films and movies.

    Heights of the population have been decreasing on average of many years now up and down the United Kingdom. An average height for our teachers in the college (Sir Harry Smith Community College) is five foot six inches which is the same as Martin Freeman, James McAvoy and Tom Cruise who are all modern actors.

    This trend is throughout the whole population with many people being shorter than before.

    We asked the teachers at our college how tall they were so we can compare the celebrities of then and now:



    Mr Baxter (6 ft 2”) 

    Sean Connery

    Mrs Roughly (5 ft 5”)

    Daniel Radcliffe/ Dustin Hoffman

    Mr Ward, Mrs Wiles and Mrs Norris (5 ft 6”)

    Martin Freeman/ James McAvoy/ Tom Cruise

    Mr Mossman and Mr Greenwood  (6ft) 

    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Ms Pilkinton (5 ft 2”)

    Christina Aguilera

    Miss Timms (5ft)

    Kourtney Kardashian

    Mr Lees (5 ft 11”)

    Taylor Swift