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In this area you will be able to keep up-to-date with all of the latest news from the Sir Harry Smith Community College.

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  • Who was Sir Harry Smith?

    Published 21/07/22

    Fifteen Year 8 and 9 students from Sir Harry Smith Community College have been working on an exciting project to learn more about their school’s namesake.

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  • GCSE Geography Field Trip

    Published 15/07/22

    Year 10 Geography Field Trip to Hunstanton

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  • Student Careers Fair

    Published 06/07/22

    On Wednesday 13th July 2022 we will be holding a Careers Fair to give students the chance to investigate future careers and opportunities and to have the chance to speak to employers, universities, FE Colleges, and apprenticeship and volunteering providers.

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  • A Level Geography Trips

    Published 04/07/22

    In the last week, Year 12 Geography students have enjoyed the chance to conduct two days of fieldwork. Tuesday saw the group travel to London in order to investigate regeneration. Wednesday was a chance to explore coastal landscapes, processes and management by travelling to Hunstanton. I hope you enjoy reading about the fieldwork that has taken place.

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  • certificate of accreditation

    Published 16/05/22

    We are pleased to advise that Sir Harry Smith has received a Certificate of Accreditation for their recently reviewed and updated Travel Plan. The Accreditation is awarded for travel plans that increase sustainable travel as well as developing an Approved Travel Plan.

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  • College expansion

    Published 11/05/22
    Expansion Planning Proposal
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