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Richard III Live Broadcast

On Thursday the 24th of November, pupils who were identified as working well in English, from across years 7-9, were invited to a Live Broadcast from the Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon, of their recent production of Richard III.

Some of the student feedback from the day includes:

“I really enjoy Shakespeare.”
“I learnt all about the story of Richard III.”
“I learnt about the Tudor Rose and why it’s such an important symbol.”
“I learnt that inequality in Shakespeare’s day was worse than it is now. Things are getting better.”
“I learnt that Shakespeare gave women more opinionated roles than I’d thought before.”
“I learnt that Shakespeare was a bit morbid…he killed off a lot of his characters.”
“I learnt that there are a lot of different motivations for characters, and for some they are motivation enough to die for.”
“I learnt that Nature and Nurture have an impact on certain characters.”
“I learnt that Shakespeare liked to use ghosts in his plays to foreshadow bad things in the future.”
“I learnt about how Shakespeare structures his tragedies to quicken the pace towards the end.”
“I learnt about the link between Richard III and Macbeth, which I’ll be studying later on.”
“I enjoyed the entire broadcast!”
“The interviews with the actors and directors were really interesting.”
“I’d love to watch Shakespeare in a real-live theatre!”

We’re hoping to be able to arrange a trip for later in the year, to Stratford Upon Avon, for a production at the Royal Shakespeare Company.