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Whittlesey students empowered to change their own destiny.

Sir Harry Smith Community College has teamed up with the organisation Human Utopia to provide a bespoke experience for all their students over the course of a week.

Human Utopia offer life-changing programmes aimed at improving the mental health & wellbeing of all participants by empowering them to make positive changes in their life.

In Sir Harry Smith Community College both students and staff were challenged to think of themselves, others and their community as it is today, and where it can be as a better and brighter future for all if everyone supports and works together, but also that as individuals they have the power to change everything for the better.

Students said “the afternoon activities when we worked together as groups were really interesting and showed what we can do together”, “it gave us confidence to see that we can change ourselves” and that “I feel our year group has definitely been more respectful to each other since”.

Another said “I became really emotional as I realised I was one of the people they were talking about and that I can make a difference by changing things for the better myself”. Staff also commented that “it was great to see students getting involved and realising the difference they can make as they work together”

Human Utopia staff worked with both students and staff at the college looking at a whole range of areas including supporting each other, bullying, resilience, teamwork, lessons, behaviour and being positive.

The students were fantastic with them taking part well, speaking out in front of others, running activities and learning how to have their say and be positive influences for change.

Miss Dawn White, Principal commented “I am incredibly proud of our young people and how they have taken part in these activities and I look forward to us all seeing positive changes in the college as a result”