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Sir Harry Smith

Sir Harry Smith Community College

  • Fairer Funding for Sir Harry Smith

    Sir Harry Smith would like to ask you to help end the discrimination that sees Cambridgeshire schools hundreds of thousands of pounds worse off every year than other schools in the Uk.


    Dear Parents, Carers and members of the Whittlesey community,

    The current formula for the funding of schools means that children studying at a Cambridgeshire school, receive around £600.00 less than the average child aross the country.

    This means Sir Harry Smith Community College is hundreds of thousands of pounds financially worse off every year.

    We would like the Governement to take notice of this and would ask you to join us in signing the petition, being organised through the Cambridge News, by clicking on the link below.

    This campaign is backed by all secondary schools within the county of Cambridgeshire and with your support we can really make a difference to the education of our children here at Sir Harry Smith.

    We thank you for your support.