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Sir Harry Smith

Sir Harry Smith Community College

  • Gifted & Talented Science Visit to Peterborough Museum

    On 3rd May, Miss Watson and Mrs Lancaster took 30 gifted and talented science students to Peterborough museum to take part in some sessions that they have planned in partnership with the Natural History Museum, London.  Year 7 and 8 students had two lessons each and all thoroughly enjoyed them.

    Palaeo-art workshop (Year 7 and 8)
    In this session we learnt about Palaeontology (the study of fossils.  We looked at the structures in fossils and speculated on what camouflage sea-living dinosaurs might have had to protect themselves from predators.  We had the opportunity to have a go at some palaeo-art. These were detailed drawings of what we think the dinosaurs would have looked like when they were alive. I was amazed to find that one of the best examples of an Opthalmosaurus skeleton was from Whittlesey!
    We drew them, taking into consideration what they ate, their habitat and their normal everyday activities. Our drawings have been entered into a competition to win an original piece of paleoart by a well-known artist. 
    We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would love to do it again!
    Article written by Nicola Gregory (7EDA) & Katherine Watson (8AF)
    Colour in Nature workshop  - Year 7
    Year 7 had a lesson about why we see colours and I found it very interesting.  There was a selection of rare butterflies, beetles and moths that we were able to see up close (and some we were even allowed to touch!)  We looked closely at the colours and camouflage devices of all of them.  One of the reasons that I really enjoyed this session was because it was very ‘hands on’.  At the end of it we all created our own inventions based on colour and camouflage.  Ideas some of the groups had were a mood hair dye and fluorescent jackets for cars.
    During the lunch break we had a chance to look around the museum.  Having not been for a while, I found it interesting to look at the new exhibits.  There were plenty of new and interesting things to do and see.    
    How Science Works workshop - Year 8
    During this session we looked at microfossils that we had uncovered from clay taken from this region.  This I found extremely interesting!  I found it amazing that the microfossils could be so small but so beautiful!  It was fun also learning how to separate the microfossils from clay.
    In conclusion, it was very interesting and I would love to do something like this again, as I learnt a lot and it has inspired me to do more science at home.