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This subject allows students to express themselves, their world and their lifestyles while developing their techniques and artistic awareness. By studying the work of artists and designers, students become aware of the way that Art and Design affects many aspects of their everyday environment. By their own practical work and by their knowledge and understanding of the others’ work, they can also compare their own culture with other world cultures and art history.

Years 7-9

The work in Years 7-9 develop students’ technical skills using a variety of media and processes. Students develop their work through themes and projects designed to encourage an awareness of the visual world. They look and respond to the work of artists, crafts workers and designers, make observed and imaginative drawings and experiment and explore materials in both two and three dimensions. Each year students will produce paintings, prints and 3D work allowing skills to be built up year on year.

Years 10-11

Art is a popular and successful option at GCSE where the emphasis encourages an adventurous and enquiring approach to art and developing skills to express a personal response. There is also a significant written element to the GCSE course that enable students to demonstrate their critical and cultural understanding. During Years 10 and 11 students work on two major project units. During the process of completing these units each student will complete a 45 hour controlled assessment. The coursework part of the course is worth 60% of the total marks. At the end of Year 11 students will take a ten hour timed test to determine the remaining 40%.

Additional Information

Sixth Form students work on the Edexcel AS and A2 courses which follow the same format and working patterns as the GCSE course. This is proving to be a popular and expanding option at Post-16 which has produced excellent results over the years. As part of the Art course students are encouraged to visit local museums, galleries and open studios and the department organises trips to London exhibitions.