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  • Cancer Patients Drugs Fear

    NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) will be ending priority treatment for terminally ill patients under the new changes to the way drugs are funded on the NHS. This decision could potentially cost 13,000 people the opportunity to have life extending drugs every year, the elderly being the most vulnerable.

    Campaigners are urging the Government to get NICE to approve more treatments, which has already been done in Scotland. NICE is changing the criteria used to determine whether the new drugs are cost effective and are good value to the patient. Their decision to remove the ‘end of life’ criteria has caused widespread concern because it gives special consideration to seriously ill people across the country. ’Stealth cutting’ is feared to downgrade treatment for those nearing the end of their lives by campaigners.

    In similar news, the no-makeup selfies are taking over the nation, raising an estimated £8 million for Cancer Research UK. For those people who do not know what a no-makeup selfie is, it is a picture taken by you, without makeup on; you must post it onto a social networking site and nominate some of your friends to do the same. After you have taken the selfie you should donate an amount of money to 70099 and text BEAT. However, there was a mix up as some people texted DONATE to that number and found that they accidently donated money to Unicef UK. A total of £18,625 was accidently donated to Unicef UK. Though Unicef UK has promised to give the money back in full.

    Some celebrities also joined this craze, such as Michelle Heaton, Holly Willoughby and Kym Marsh. Even men have put makeup on to support women.

    The word ‘selfie’ was selected as word of 2013 by Oxford Dictionaries after being constantly used on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat,  three popular social media sites.


    Reporters: Daniel & Amber