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Information for Parents


At SHSCC we recognise the influential role and impact that you as parents and carers play in helping your children make the important decisions about their education and future career choices.

Opportunities, careers, pathways and choices are constantly changing.
Below is a list of rites and helpful resources that offer up-to-date and relevant guidance and advice.


If you would like further information about careers or would like to arrange a guidance meeting for you and your child, please contact Angela Curtis (Careers Coordinator) at (01733 703991)

Helpful Resources

There are lots of helpful websites and guides that are specifically designed to provide information of how you can help support your son or daughter with these important choices.

Talking Futures:   
Talking Futures provide free resources to help you support your child make informed decisions for their futures.
A parents' toolkit for career conversations (

Take Your Place (Neaco):
Take Your Place is a programme aimed at helping young people aged 13-19 consider their study options after school. It has a wide range of resources to help parents and carers support their child through their career journey.
I am a Parent/Carer - Neaco (

Youth Employment UK:
Youth Employment UK are experts of youth employment and offer a wealth of careers advice for parents to help you support your son/daughter.
Careers Advice for Parents - Youth Employment UK

National Careers Service:
A comprehensive website with job profiles and valuable guidance on the different aspects of getting a job.
Careers advice - job profiles, information and resources | National Careers Service

This site contains helpful videos and information about a wide range of jobs and careers, tips on GCSE options, apprenticeships, university and finding work
home - icould

A comprehensive website with information to help you support your child through applying to university and higher education. Also contains guidance on different options, including apprenticeships.
Advice for parents, guardians and carers | Undergraduate, Conservatoires, Apprenticeships, 16-18 Choices | UCAS

NOT Going to Uni – Apprenticeships and Work Experience in the UK
A comprehensive site to support students and parents with opportunities and next steps.
Not Going To Uni: Apprenticeships & Work Experience in the UK

We will be introducing Unifrog as our whole school Careers platform during the 2023-24 academic year. Unifrog contains information on careers subjects, apprenticeships, universities, CVs, employment plus lots more and once launched, students should be accessing this resource regularly. Parents will be able to access this site too and will be able to see the same as their children.


For more key websites, please access Useful CEIAG Websites from the Main Careers page click here or email for help