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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance


Careers Information, Education and Guidance (CEIAG) aims to help students understand and reflect on their own achievements, qualities, interests and values, and raise aspirations for their future. It prepares them for making considered and realistic choices about Key Stage 3 options, Post-16 and Post-18 pathways and future career development.

Years 7-9

At Sir Harry Smith Community College, Year 7, 8 and 9 students are provided with opportunities to consider their strengths in terms of subjects, skills and personal qualities through Skills for Life lessons and targeted careers sessions. In Year 9, students are supported and guided with their pathway decisions, and parents are invited to information evenings which explain options. All students can request a personal interview with our Guidance Adviser or in-school Careers Coordinator, Mrs Curtis. At the end of Year 9 all students take part in Industry Day working on, work-related activities led by representatives from local business and commercial organisations. All students are also encouraged to use our extensive Careers Library to research career routes and entry qualifications.

Years 10-11

In Year 10, students follow a careers education programme, which reviews their attainment, skills, experience and personal work.

Year 11 students prepare CVs and letters of application for a mock interview in the autumn term. Both Year 10 and 11 students have a 1:1 careers meeting with our Guidance Adviser or in-school Careers Coordinator, Mrs Curtis. Trips to Higher Education institutions, Further Education colleges and local companies are also arranged for students. Year 11 students are provided with individual help, advice and guidance with applications to further education, apprenticeships and employment, and all produce Curriculum Vitae which is included in their Record of Achievement folders.

Sixth Form

Sixth Form students are provided with individual help, advice and guidance with applications for university, further education, apprenticeships or employment. Particular focus is on higher education opportunities and the College has formed strong links with the University of Cambridge, University of East Anglia, Northampton University, Peterborough University Centre and Anglia Ruskin University. We regularly take part in workshop and activity days at these institutions. Staff members from higher education institutions, apprenticeship organisations and local employers regularly come to talk to students and parents about Post-18 opportunities. At the end of Year 12, Sixth Form students complete a two week work experience placement plus prepare for and attend a rigorous mock interview with local employers at the end of the autumn term.

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