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Lunchtime Arrangements

Students are supervised throughout the lunchtime period by members of staff, supported by teams of prefects. Dining facilities are comfortable, providing  seating accomodation for students eating hot meals and sandwiches. In suitable weather conditions students can also use the outside picnic tables for eating and socialising.

After eating, students can attend the Library (on a rota system), or the Supportive Skills area (by arrangement). They can also use the outside play areas or have access to classrooms if supervised by a member of staff. There are also many lunchtime practices and activities that take place.

Vending machines are also available for anyone who needs further sustenance.

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 must not leave the premises at lunchtime without written parental permission. A 'Home Pass' will be issued, which will allow them to go home for lunch. Students in Years 10 and 11 are allowed to leave the premises during the lunch break. They are issued with a pass card which confirms this entitlement.


Cashless Catering

 The College uses a cashless catering system which has now been in use for many years. We are required to obtain permission from you allowing us to use and store the biometric data for this system.

How the system works

The College system is very effective.  It is bio-metric which means we use a finger print to identify a student’s account. This biometric data is stored securely by the College in line with all the provisions of the Data Protection Legislation.  If you do not wish to use the biometric system, we can make an alternative arrangement.  Parents can add money to a student account online via ParentPay.  

The College provides its own excellent catering facility for students and staff alike. Breakfast is available from 8.00 a.m. until 8.30 a.m. Hot and cold snacks are on sale at break and at lunch time where there is always a varied and nutritious selection of dishes, freshly cooked daily.

The parental consent form can be found at the bottom this page

School Meals

At Sir Harry Smith we offer a great value "Meal Deal" which is always available and consists of a main meal with dessert OR piece of fruit OR boxed fruit juice/ bottled water. This is available to everyone at just £2.30 each day. The free school meal allowance is £2.30 so covers this choice.

An example of the "Meal Deal" would be:- roast beef, roast potatoes, selection of vegetables with Yorkshire pudding & gravy, followed by fruit crumble with custard. Roast is served on a Tuesday, chicken products on a Wednesday, Theme Day on a Thursday and fish on a Friday.

For your information, listed below are just some examples of the items available and their prices:

Morning break 11.00 - 11.20 a.m.

Item Cost
Filled Panini £1.50
Pizza £1.00
Bacon roll £1.00
Pies and pastry bakes (Monday and Friday) £1.00
Fillet of chicken £1.00
Chicken kebab £1.00
Garlic bread 50p
Hash browns (2) 50p
Toasties 50p and 55p

Lunch service starts at 13.20 p.m.

Item Cost
Meal Deal (Vegetarian option available) £2.25
Chicken wrap £1.50
Jacket potato (various fillings) £1.00
Pasta pot (various fillings) £1.00
Chicken baguette £1.50
Plated salad £1.75
Plain sandwiches  £1.20
Speciality sandwiches  £1.50
Jumbo sub roll £1.70
Hot dessert and custard 70p
Fresh fruit 35p per item

Toppings for Jacket potato and pasta pot

  • Cheese, beans, tuna: 50p
  • Meat sauce: 75p

A large selection of cold drinks are available prices range from 50p - £1.00.

Please Note:

A pre-set daily allowance of £5.00 per day (a day is 2.00 p.m -2.00 p.m. the next day) is set automatically by the College and can be raised or lowered at parental discretion. Parents wishing to do so must inform the College.

Would parents of free school meal students please make students aware that £2.30 is for the whole day. It is not £2.30 at break and £2.30 again at lunch, but £2.30 in total.

We also open at 8.00 a.m.- 8.25 a.m. for breakfast. A bacon roll is our most popular choice with cereals and toast as other options.