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It is a statutory requirement that all students, unless withdrawn by their parents, must attend a daily act of collective worship. It is possible for arrangements to be made which are in keeping with the wish of the Governing Body that the College should conform as closely as practicable to its statutory obligations.

It is the responsibility of the Principal, therefore, to ensure that regular meetings of various types are held on a daily basis for different sections of the College community. These meetings are seen as essential to the creation and maintenance of a pleasant College spirit and an important contribution to the spiritual and moral development of the students.

There will be one assembly per week for each group organised by the Year Leader. This will involve invitations to colleagues or visitors to lead an act of worship. Most assemblies will be a celebration of College life, promoting moral, social and cultural issues along side British Values. They may involve secular or religious participation by students, music, presentation and administrative matters relevant to the year group.

The Governing Body urges all staff to be present at appropriate assemblies in order to contribute to that aspect of the corporate life of the College that assemblies represent.

Parents who wish their children to be withdrawn from any Act of Collective Worship should initiate this by writing to the Principal in order that the matter may be discussed.