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Course Overview

This AQA course enables you to study English Literature with a historicist approach which means that you study texts within a shared context. Working from the belief that no text exists in isolation but is the product of the time in which it was produced, English Literature encourages students to explore the relationships that exist between texts and the contexts within which they are written, received and understood.

This course will allow you to engage with a wide variety of Literature from different eras and countries. It will provide you with the opportunity to develop reading habits and build upon the reading, writing and speaking and listening skills acquired at GCSE.

Anyone with a passion for Literature, and a love of History, would be ideally suited to this course. You will be offered a range of experiences- the study of a variety of set texts, including some independently chosen texts as well as producing a range of written responses.


The course is assessed by 1 three hour examination, 1 two and a half hour examination as well as a nonexam assessed unit.

Where Can It Lead? 

Higher education, eg BA English Literature, and other degree or vocational courses.

Apart from the specialist types of employment that require skills of analysis and creative mind, English Literature A Level is widely regarded by employers as a highly desirable qualification.