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Mathematics is an ideal course if you like to work in a logical, methodical way and like its challenge, clarity and problem solving. You will extend your understanding of algebra and discover new areas of mathematics, such as calculus. The applied topics will enable you to see how the mathematics you learn can be applied to practical problems in physics, business and society.  Mathematics is a much sought after qualification and is a basis for many subjects

The A Level course consists of three topic areas, which are taught concurrently over two years by two members of staff. The broad topics covered are:

  • Pure Mathematics
  • Mechanics
  • Statistics

It is advantageous for all students to have a graphical calculator (available through College, approximately £60) and a normal scientific calculator.


The course is assessed fully by terminal examination. This consists of three exam papers, which are 2 hours long each.


Medicine, Computing, Accountancy, Engineering, Physical Sciences, Mathematics, Geography and associated subjects, Philosophy, Psychology.