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Mission Statement & Values

Mission Statement

We believe that the local community deserves an Academy of which it can be proud, where all staff, students and parents are striving for excellence.  Our students deserve the very best, with exemplary provision and transitions between Key Stages, giving every stakeholder a strong and confident voice in our Academy.

We want our College to provide a high quality educational community which offers life-changing opportunities in a safe, creative and exciting environment.  All students are valued and inspired to achieve and grow as individuals, believing the sky is the limit. Our curriculum will drive their aspirations.

Our vision and aspiration for our students is:

  1. To provide the highest quality holistic educational experience for all, so that each individual student has the opportunity to enjoy a varied range of academic, cultural, artistic, physical and social activities.
  2. To enable each student to become confident, resilient, responsible and ambitious in all areas of College life.
  3. To offer an innovative, engaging and challenging curriculum and the highest quality of learning and teaching so that each student is able to attain the qualifications which best prepare them for Post 16 opportunities and future careers.
  4. To encourage all students to develop relationships based on mutual respect and understanding in order to make a valued contribution to the school and the wider community.
  5. To provide a safe, secure and inclusive environment which nurtures and cares for each student as an individual and allows them to flourish.
  6. To sustain the valuable partnerships developed between parents, primary schools and the wider community. ‚Äč

To celebrate and value success, effort and excellence for every child.