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The aim is to create an atmosphere where students wish to learn, participate and enjoy all their language experiences and where staff enjoy teaching so they give their very best to all students and help to promote confidence in communication.

An insight into and respect for the culture and civilisation of other countries and to promote learning skills of a more general application is offered, for example analysis, memorising, drawing of inferences and scanning texts for information.

Students are encouraged to work independently to offer a basis for further study and enhance career prospects.



 Years 7-9

In Years 7 and 8 students are taught in tutor groups and then in Year 9 they are set in ability groups.

The course focuses on the development of the four skills – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing. Students are involved in working with others, conducting class surveys, performing role plays, independent reading, listening to authentic material, watching video clips, ICT and written tasks.

Years 10-11

In Key Stage 4 students may opt to continue learning a foreign language and will also be given an opportunity to study two languages if they have studied these throughout Key Stage 3.

The AQA GCSE course builds on previous skills and knowledge. In Year 10 there are GCSE oral and written exams which count towards the final grade. At the end of the course 20% is awarded to the receptive skills of Listening and Reading, whereas 30% is awarded to the productive skills of Speaking and Writing.