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 From this page you can view information relating to:

  • Celebration Evenings
  • Charging Policy
  • Community Education
  • Community use of the College
  • Parent Council Meetings
  • Spritual, Moral, Social & Cultural Learning

Special Educational Needs Policy

At Sir Harry Smith Community College we believe that everyone is of equal value; that all students have a right to equal opportunity and full access to the National Curriculum. We believe that the views of the child should be sought and taken into account and that parents have a vital role to play in supporting their child’s education. All students with special needs, educational, physical, emotional and social, should be enabled to access all educational opportunities of the College.
All students should be enabled to develop their full learning potential. Students with Special Educational Needs will be encouraged to become independent and take responsibility within the College. Everyone in the College Community - Governors, Staff, Students and Parents - has a positive and active part to play in achieving this aim. Copies of our Policy on Assessment of and Provision for Students with Special Educational Needs are available from College reception or from our website. Copies of other College policies are available on our website.

Statutory Information on Attendance

  • Total number of pupils of compulsory school age (May 2013) 889:
  • % of pupil sessions (half days) missed through authorised absence 4.6%:
  • % of pupil sessions (half days) missed through unauthorised absence 0.9%:

Year 7 Admission Information for 2013-2014

  • Planned Admission Number 180:
  • Number of written applications/preferences expressed for those places 183: