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  • Pet Crisis Hits Britain

    A pet crisis has hit Britain. Millions of Britons are feeding their pet’s takeaways, sweets and alcohol. This seemingly kind-hearted act is causing a national pet obesity dilemma and has been proven to dramatically shorten the lives of the porky pets. According to a recent study by the PDSA, one in three dogs and one in four cats are obese in Britain. We asked some teachers and students what they feed their pets. One student said that when no-one was looking his two dogs ate an entire pizza and most of the people we asked admitted to feeding their pets the occasional chip or curry.

    Mr Barker: “I never feed my pet’s human food, but I do give them treats.”

    Mr Mann: “I wouldn’t give them alcohol, but I do give them titbits.”

    Georgia: “I feed them human food all the time, their favourite is lasagne. They do also drink alcohol.”

    Mr Royal: “My dog sometimes has cheese for breakfast and he likes Yorkshire Puddings. He doesn’t like beer, but my old dog did like a lick of beer."

    Reporter: Ashley