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  • RAF Wittering Host's an Exclusive Open Day

    On the 21st March 2014, Wittering Air base had an exclusive open day which was free to look around for visitors and famous faces. The event was a huge success! Along with these special visitors, there was also television, radio, and press reporters involved. This was a very exciting day because it was for one morning only. BBC reporters were ready with their cameras and questions to grab those important answers.

    Station Commanders, Group Captains, Chief of Staff and Wing Commanders were just a few of the very important guests. “As a local I’ve often wondered what behind the fence, and to find out all the unique capabilities that Wittering offers was really enlightening,” said one local man.

    One morning visitors had a once in a lifetime chance to have a tour around the Wittering RAF base (Royal AIR Forces Expeditionary Engineering and Support Force).  RAF Wittering has been known as the Home of Harrier since 1968, despite the Harrier planes not arriving until a few years later. Even though these planes are not stored at RAF Wittering anymore, the base still plays a vital part in the RAF.

    However, ‘the home of the Harrier’ name ended in 1990 as they moved bases to RAF Cottesmore. In 2010 the government announced that the jump jets squadron would be part of billions of pounds defence cuts. Even though all of this has happened Wittering is still a vital part of the RAF!

    Reporters: Brooke & Georgia