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Sir Harry Smith

Sir Harry Smith Community College

  • School Direct Teacher Training


    School Direct Programme- Train to be a teacher with us.

    Sir Harry Smith Community College was rated as a ‘Good’ school (Ofsted November 2014) and we are very proud to have the strengths of the school recognised in an official capacity.  In terms of teacher training, we are very well equipped to deliver a high quality provision alongside our PGCE provider, the University of Bedfordshire. 

    By applying to Sir Harry Smith Community College through the Fenland Teaching School’s Alliance (Lionel Walden), you will ensure that you have your training placements within the local area.  We are located close to Peterborough and there is a daily train service to Whittlesey.  There are also bus services that run directly to Whittlesey with the school being a five minute walk from the stop.

    The College has a very dedicated and supportive team of staff who work closely together with one another.  Each department is equipped with a mini staff room which is a quiet and secure base for planning, sharing ideas or simply having a cup of coffee.   We also have a number of NQTs who have successfully completed the School Direct Programme, are now employed as teachers in the College, and are very willing to share their experiences with our trainees.

    Should you choose to apply to us and be successful with your application, you will become one of our staff for the duration of your placement.  We will equip you with a laptop and a programme for professional development.  You will also have the opportunity to work alongside a form group and will become fully experienced in the day to day life of the school.

    The University of Bedfordshire will complement the work you do with us by delivering the Professional Studies course.  We will provide you with advice from very experienced subject mentors and senior staff.  Furthermore, you will be allocated a highly experienced personal mentor who will give you regular feedback regarding your progress and who will support you through the School Direct Programme route.

    If you are interested in becoming a teacher and would simply just like the opportunity to find out if it is the career for you, we can organise a visit to the College.  This experience will enable you to talk to teachers, observe lessons and decide whether you would like to join the teaching profession.

    Recent success stories from the School Direct Programme include: -

    Carmen - now employed by us as a teacher of science.  Carmen has said of Sir Harry Smith Community College:

    “Everyone is really helpful and have shared their resources with me.  Behaviour has not been a problem as students are caring and willing to learn.  They make me feel like they want to work for me.” – September 2015.





    Ashley - now employed as a teacher of English at Sir Harry Smith Community College.


    In Ashley’s words: “The School Direct route really worked for me.  The combination of having four days in school with a day for professional studies really helped me to ensure that I was equipped for my teaching career.  I would thoroughly recommend this route.” September 2015.


    Charlotte – now employed as a teacher of Psychology and Sociology at Sir Harry Smith Community College:


    “The School Direct route was definitely the best option for me; being in school four days a week allowed me to get hands on experience with teachers whilst also having the support of other trainees at university. The staff I worked with were all so supportive and willing to assist in any way they could. I would definitely recommend this route.”   September 2017




    For further information, please contact:

    Mrs Helen Norris (Assistant Principal and Professional Tutor)

    Sir Harry Smith Community College


    Alternatively, you can apply directly through UCAS using the guidance below at:

    Apply to School Direct:

    Our School Direct places are offered through The Fenland Teaching School Alliance and therefore your initial search within UCAS should be for Fenland Teaching School Alliance. Here you will find all of the teacher training courses offered by Sir Harry Smith Community College alongside other background information.

    Obviously you should have a degree in a subject closely related to that of your application. Although not necessary at the point of application, candidates will need to have a GCSE in English and Mathematics. In addition candidates need to have passed the skills tests ( before starting the course.

    Places for many courses fill up rapidly and we typically look to call applicants for interview promptly following the opening of applications.

    We look forward to receiving your application.


    For applications from October 2018 to July 2019, for training to commence in September 2019, places are available in the following areas:


    Course Code

    Programme Type

    Course Aim

    Awarding Institution



    School Direct

    QTS plus academic award (PGCE)

    University of Bedfordshire

    English 365F School Direct QTS plus academic award (PGCE) University of Bedfordshire



    School Direct

    QTS plus academic award (PGCE)

    University of Bedfordshire

    Physical Education


    School Direct

    QTS plus academic award (PGCE)

    University of Bedfordshire



    School Direct

    QTS plus academic award (PGCE)

    University of Bedfordshire


    Information for your application form.

    Training provider code name: A2153

    Training provider code: 1XY

    Training programme code:  This depends on your subject e.g. Geography is 2PTD

    Training location/campus code: S