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We strive to provide a variety of opportunities and experiences in Science, allowing all students to be involved in active learning, experimentation, the development of thinking skills and problem solving, in particular those involved in the practice and reporting of investigations. Our ten laboratories are fully equipped with modern apparatus and facilities to support each lesson.

Years 7 - 8

The department has excellent links with all of its primary partner schools with many Year 6 students regularly visiting and having practical learning opportunities in the department. At KS3 students initially complete a transition unit that starts in Year 6, before following the Collins scheme of work, which focuses on building the skills needed to develop scientific curiosity. Each unit within the Collins Science course involves a variety of different learning activities and students’ progress is regularly monitored through regular homework tasks and in-class assessments.

Years 9, 10 & 11

In Years 9, 10 and 11 students follow a course selected from the suite of AQA GCSE Science courses leading to either two or three GCSEs in Science. Assessment is currently based on a mix of coursework and examinations, which are undertaken at the end of Year 11. Every students’ progress is tracked carefully to ensure that each child is entered for the course most suitable for them. Throughout each course, students are supported with regular revision sessions and study groups from the start of the year onwards.

Sixth Form

We currently offer Biology, Chemistry and Physics at AS and A2 level. These subjects are assessed by exams taken at the end of one or two years and students are supported throughout with homework, independent learning tasks and a number of after school revision sessions.

Additional Information

Throughout their education at Sir Harry Smith Community College we are able to offer our students a variety of different learning opportunities and field trips as well as inviting stimulating visitors into school to inspire them, such as:

  1. Gifted and Talented students in Science and Maths attending a number of site STEM activities that are supported through on-site activity days and parent-student challenge evenings.
  2. Students in Years 10 and 11 aiming to achieve top A*/A grades attending the GCSE Science Live! event in London in January 2014 where they are able to interact with 5 top scientists and a chief examiner.
  3. A-level STEM students attending a university preparation day in Cambridge to receive advice, meet students from around the country and develop important skills for further education.
  4. Guest speakers on a range of subjects to provide students with a real world context for their Science lessons and show them the potential careers available to a successful Science student. Most recently we were given the opportunity to meet Dr. Robin Hesketh, a specialist in Cancer research from the Department of Biochemistry, Cambridge and author of the book and blog ‘Betrayed by Nature'.
  5. Key Stage 3 students are given the opportunity to visit the Natural History Museum in London to explore the scientific exhibits on offer in such a historical building.
  6. Every July some of our most able students in Years 7 to 9 are given the opportunity to compete against other Cambridgeshire schools in the Swavesey Science Challenge and our 6th form scientists attend the Royal Society’s Summer Science Exhibition.

A weekly Science club and a weekly engineering club is also offered to all students as well as Science activity days at the end of the summer term. Through these programmes a number of students have been successful in completing the nationally recognised British Science Association Bronze CREST Award.

GCSE Science Revision Resources

A Level Biology Revision Resources