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  • YouTube Viewing Record a Nun!

    Last weeks The Voice became a big hit when Sister Christina Sciucca auditioned for the voice and ended up racking over 30 million views on video sharing website Youtube. Sister Christina came onto the show in a full habit, shocking the audience. She started to sing Alicia Keys’ hit song “No One” and was amazing. Italian rapper J-Ax hit his buzzer and turned round in shock as he saw the nun singing her heart out on stage. He commented after her jaw-dropping performance, “If I had a nun like you at Sunday school, I’d be a pope now!”

    Many stars saw her performance including Alicia Keys herself and Sister Act star Whoopie Goldberg. Both women retweeted the link of her video on Youtube to their followers on Twitter. In the matter of seven days the video had got 30 million views on Youtube making it on Youtube’s records the ‘Fastest growing Youtube video on the site’. The record was formally owned by Korean singer PSY and his number one song Gangnam Style. Let’s hope Sister Christina passes through the competition  with flying colours and returns to her fellow sisters with the prize of a record deal!

    Reporter: Georgia