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CEIAG Information for Teachers and Staff

At Sir Harry Smith we are committed to providing a comprehensive CEIAG programme that raises the aspiration of our students and equips them with the skills and information required to be able to make well-informed and realistic choices about their future.

Our provision is guided by the ambition to meet all eight of the Gatsby Benchmarks as identified by the Gatsby Foundation for ‘Good Career Guidance’.

The Senior Leadership Team at SHSCC view CEIAG as being the responsibility of all staff working at the academy.

Ways staff support the SHSCC Careers Programme:

At SHSCC we encourage our curriculum areas to support students with their career choice and plans through:

  • Ongoing training during PD days and Tutor Team meetings to update knowledge.
  • Curriculum areas creating displays that link their subject to different careers and pathways.
  • Take part in organised career events and workshops at SHSCC.
  • Create links with external employers, businesses and organisations to support career and curriculum learning.
  • Liaise with the Careers Coordinator to invite external speakers and alumni to offer guidance to students linking their subject to career pathways.
  • Where appropriate, liaise with the Careers Coordinator to organise external visits to employers, local organisations, HE, FE and apprenticeship providers to link subject areas and future pathways.
  • Take advantage of opportunities that reinforce the link between curriculum areas and careers related learning.
  • Challenge stereotypes with regards to career pathways from the subject area.

We work closely with Growth Works with Skills who offer a wealth of CEIAG resources to help educators support young people - Education Hub | Cambridgeshire & Peterborough | Growth Works With Skills



For more information please contact:    SLT Lead for CEIAG    Careers Coordinator